Normally, the Keiser Twins are in the Background and accompanying measures such as Nena (59), Gianna Nannini (63) and Simply Red on Bass and drums. However, to your 65. The birthday of the twins, Peter and Walter Keiser, a special gift: an Album with guest singers that shaped your career and guided.

recording only took an hour

the cooperation with the moderator, and ESC-legend Sandra Studer (50) was born. “We know each other for 20 years, and are always seen together at events. There is a strong friendship was born,” explains drummer Walter Keiser. “Therefore, it was clear to us that we wanted Sandra to have this project.”

Only an hour lasted the recordings of the Song “Strong” in the Powerplay Studios in Maur, ZH. “She is a consummate professional and was perfectly prepared. In addition, she sings so good that we had to file in the retrospect not a little to the soundtrack.”

in addition to the Studer can be found on the Album “Guestlist” of his own Songs and songs with Zibbz-singer Corinne “Co” Gfeller (33), the Bernese singer Jesse Ritch (27) and Gölä (51). The latter accompany the musician for over 15 years as a band members.

Studer dreams from the Album

For Sandra Studer, the work with the twins was a return. “I’ve already made is no longer anything more to the public in the direction of Soul and Pop,” she explains. In their SRF program “Takito” played Studer in the 1990s with her own Band, today, especially in the Musical and theatre.

A private Album on the ESC representative from 1991 is currently planned: “unfortunately I have much too little time for music,” says Studer. “But my own CD is definitely on my To-do list.”

On the 14. September can be some of the best of the three with her song in “Samschtig-Jass”. Especially for Walter Keiser is a difficult undertaking: “We will not be sitting at the game table, although I could a few months ago, even jassen,” he says. “Peter taught me, but over the summer, it is easier than I thought.”

And while the Twins jassen, prepares Studer on the appearance. Drummer Peter Keiser: “to be Beautiful, with her on the stage. With Sandra we could work together forever!”