In view of the challenges posed by the Ukraine war and inflation, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) passed a devastating verdict on Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s (SPD) conduct of office.

“Olaf Scholz used to be at least smurfy,” says Söder in an interview with “Stern”. “But today? You have to say it so hard: Unfortunately, Olaf Scholz often leaves the Germans alone in these difficult times.

It is now clear to him that Scholz “is not the chancellor who can lead and take people with him in difficult times,” the CSU leader continued. “He seems strangely listless at times and shows little empathy at this time of crisis. In fact, the Greens are taking over his role.”

Of course, the Chancellor had to make difficult decisions, said Söder. It was also correct to point out the possible dangers of a nuclear war. “But then? Then he disappeared from the scene again for three weeks, leaving the Germans alone with this worry. And when he finally spoke up, no one understood what he was actually trying to say.”

Söder also expressly criticizes the Chancellor’s handling of the media in “Stern”. “By the way, it would also help to respond to questions from journalists. Many journalists ask exactly the same questions that are also on the minds of the general public.”

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