Uli Hoeneß spoke up about Robert Lewandowski, who was willing to emigrate. Hoeneß explains why he firmly believes that the striker will play in Munich for another year.

“Only for money”: Robert Lewandowski may have already played his last game for Bayern, he says so himself. Now Uli Hoeneß also has something to say on the subject. “I am very confident that we will have a good season with Robert Lewandowski. It’s also clear: It’s all about coal, nothing else,” he says.

One year to search: According to Hoeneß, Lewandowski would only be sold “if there was a player for the money who could replace him, I don’t see him far and wide. If you have a year to look for your successor, the starting position for FC Bayern is much easier.”

Comparison with Dortmund: Hoeneß sees no problem in Lewandowski playing for another year knowing that he will leave next summer. “Even in Dortmund, he knew a year in advance that he was going to Bayern Munich and had an outstanding season back then. That’s why I’m 100% sure that Robert will play very well for us next year.”

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