After Robert Lewandowski publicly made his wish to leave FC Bayern Munich clear, his former adviser Cezary Kucharski is also assuming an end in Munich. He considers another season in Munich to be unrealistic.

Ex-adviser convinced of farewell: After Robert Lewandowski declared more openly than ever before that he wants to leave FC Bayern this summer, his former adviser is now speaking up. “I think Robert really wants to leave. These sentences are violent,” said Cezary Kucharski to “Sport1″. The Pole needs “a new motivation. His heart has long since left Bayern”.

Money not the factor: Kucharski, however, does not believe in the striker’s financial motives. Lewandowski is “certainly no longer about money. Back then, when he stayed at Borussia Dortmund for a year, he was still young and he was scared. Now he’s an experienced player and knows what he wants.”

Lewandowski more open than ever: The Pole said at his national team’s press conference on Monday that he no longer wanted to play for the record champions: “My era at Bayern Munich is over.” Kucharski can no longer imagine that Lewandowski “continues to be 100 percent performance for Bayern”.

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