– Well, we won and were able to finish at home on a good note, he explains.

– a Lot of emotion spent in Petersburg “the army”. How difficult was it to tune?

– strong opponents are always set always a little different than all the rest, the game gets difficult. A lot of energy and emotion gave the game to Peter, but it was a day of rest, a little recovered, rebuilt. So we played well, there were fewer games in the minority.

– Pay special attention to this after the previous match?

– of Course. We always try to play has been more disciplined to get fewer penalties and spend less effort on the game in the minority.

Victory guaranteed a place in the playoffs. Solved this problem quite late, just three matches before the end of “smooth” the championship. Will this be a problem for the Cup stage?

– I believe that it is not necessary to dwell. You just need to play your hockey. To cling to, fight for every puck. We need to win and go with it in the playoffs.

– played with the Western teams, and now we have the final against teams that maybe you have to face in the playoffs. Which series think is more responsible?

– the House we needed to solve the problem of access in the playoffs, so the home series was very important. But away games will be no less important in terms of preparation for matches of the first round of the playoffs.