Hollywood megastar George Clooney gave his support on Friday to the comedians’ strike, which has paralyzed the world of American production since Thursday. “It’s an inflection point in our industry,” said the acclaimed actor and director.

According to a statement obtained by some specialized media, George Clooney joins his 160,000 colleagues under the leadership of SAG-AFTRA in this great protest movement.

One of the main points brought to the discussion table is the royalties received by the actors who derive from the replays of the content on online listening platforms, such as the giants Netflix, Amazon Prime and Crave.

“A lot of actors and writers have lost their ability to earn a living,” said George Clooney. For our industry to survive, this must change. For actors, that journey begins now. »

Actress Sydney Sweeney, known for her recent roles in the series Euphoria and The White Lotus, had spoken out on this issue in 2022. The young woman, who is enjoying dazzling popularity, said she wondered about her future, especially in the monetary point of view. “They don’t pay actors like they used to, and with streaming platforms, you don’t get royalties anymore,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

Hollywood actors join screenwriters on the picket lines, who have been on strike since May, a first since the 1960s.