The creative use of public funds provided in the recent period, repeated for a stir – whether it is at Geneva’s politicians, whether it is in the circles of high poor squad. In this charged atmosphere, the Stöckli discussed next week, the compensation for overnight Stays in the National and Ständeräte.

The Zug councillor Joachim Eder (67, FDP) provides the currently valid Regime for grabs: Today is a National or Council of States, 180 francs obtained, for example, if he must stay during the Session in Bern. This amount he receives, however, if he sleeps at all in the Hotel, but home runs. Of this regulation, those politicians who live in the immediate vicinity of the Sitzungsorts except.

Eder are now urging that the representatives of the people can only receive money if you stay indeed abroad: “The policy must lead by example, it is ultimately a matter of our credibility.” For Eder, it is clear: “he Who has no expenses, no expenses.” He wanted anyone to take away something, “but the members of Parliament need to carefully deal with the taxpayers ‘money”.

600’000 Swiss francs could be saved

in fact, could be saved by this proposal costs: The state political Commission estimates the potential in a recently published report on 600’000 Swiss francs a year. A conservative estimate, stressed Eder.

“The population does not understand it simply, if politicians do not receive compensation to which they are entitled,” says the former Zug cantonal government, the direction of his parliamentary Initiative. “The army has gone overboard with the expenses extravagantly, Geneva politician also made headlines. That annoys the man on the right, no question.”

Many of the expenses would not be compensated

now, However, increasing resistance against the desire. The Basel councillor Claude Janiak (70, SP) has sought, not to Eder’s proposal. The remuneration of parliamentarians is a total package, to change individual points, is difficult. In addition, Eders claim is inconsistent, so the social Democrat: “Would be charged for overnight Stays, only the actually incurred expenses, should this be the meals.” However, these are compensated continues to be flat.
overnight compensation ceiling is often the actual costs: “for the simple reason, because the Hotels are more expensive. Personally, I’ll pay during the current Session, about 800 francs, more than then I paid.”

Also, in principle, the political commitment to bring many out of pocket costs that are not settled.
Janiak: “I complain not, however, these costs should also be taken into account if one applies for the Nights, a more stringent measure.” The associated bureaucratic effort would be absurd.

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