prelude to the dream wedding of the summer! The beginning of August, supermodel Heidi Klum (45) and Tokio-Hotel-guitarist Tom Kaulitz (29) give the knot. The Glamour and spectacle to the yacht on a luxury off the Italian rocks, island of Capri, in the Bay of Naples, to take place. For the lovers, the shows since March of last year, fell in love with the Public, Capri is a place with a romantic memory. Last August, dipped it into the cool water of the Blue grotto, which is prohibited by law. Proud posted Klum the experience on her instagram page, the consequences of more than 6 million Fans. Was fined the Couple for it, since this only happens when someone is caught red-handed.

No mobile phones and jammers for drones

Caught you don’t want to be in your wedding, especially by Paparazzi. On the Yacht jammer to be installed, so that photo-drones have no Chance. Your against 100 invited guests, must submit, before you go on Board, their phones, in order for the Couple who loves the Public and is looking, can enjoy his love of the occasion private. Well possible, however, that Klum and Kaulitz have sold to the Event already for a lot of money at a glossy magazine.

your wedding motto is “forever young”

want to know The theme of the wedding is “forever young”, like the “image”-newspaper. Probably gone in response to the ever-discussed age difference of 16 years between her and Kaulitz. Guests are asked to dress the Motto true.

For entertainment is to make two international and a German Act. Whether Tokyo will be the Hotel, is not confirmed, but possible. Heidi Klum push up the tape where you can. The title song comes to your current casting show “Germany’s Next Topmodel” of Tom Kaulitz and his twin brother Bill.

A secret is what makes the bride-to-be, the dares for the third Time, and also your wedding dress to you in Rome already selected. And what would be typical for you, all will surprise.