A small chat on the way with the Duchess Meghan (37), or ask for Baby Archie? Nothing there! The is says of the neighbors of Frogmore Cottage under. According to “The Sun” has been given to the residents of Prince Harry (34), and Meghan at a town meeting a set of rules. Therein, it is stated, on how to conduct the Royal neighbors.

And so the neighborhood works love: Although it is desirable to say “Good Morning”, but even on the Couple reach out and search for the conversation, is prohibited. Animal friends must pull himself together: the dogs of The Royals, you are not allowed to pet. And please don’t offer to go with the four-legged friends for a Walk.

Strict rules apply in relation to son Archie (2 months). It is prohibited to offer to the Baby questions or baby-sitting. Also, you don’t want any messages in the letter box.

rules for neighbors and employees

These rules apply not only to the residents but also for the employees of the couple. “It wouldn’t be funny if it wasn’t so over the top,” said a neighbor to “The Sun”. The residents are outraged: “Not even the Queen such a thing requires.” And another: “It is unbelievable. We have never had to use. Everyone who lives on the estate, working for the Royals and know how to behave respectfully.”

Harry and Meghan knew nothing of the rules

Prince Harry and the Duchess Meghan Are really so strict? According to an official Statement of the king’s house, the Couple knew nothing of these provisions. The information comes from a Palace employee with “excessive protective instinct”. He had meant well, and the neighbors valuable advice for life want to give. (lcb)