The anonymous Graffiti artist Banksy made his works and actions repeatedly caused a sensation. His art is critical of society and of suitable walls around the world.


shredded In the fall of 2018, the Street artists was also by the destruction of his most famous work “Girl with a Balloon”. The picture was sold for 1.2 million euros at an auction, but shortly after the Hammer fell, activated Banksy a secretly built-in shredder.

The artist was his Actions later on Instagram as a criticism of the art market. The irony: After the extremely unusual action, the picture won.

Since then, the interest in the anonymous sprayers has increased. No wonder, because Banksy speaks with his political and socially critical images of people from all over the world. Most of the works are in his native United Kingdom.

1. Merry Christmas, Port Talbot (GB)

is distributed The famous picture of “Merry Christmas” on a wall corner. It shows a happy child, playing in the snow. On the other side of the corner, however, is to see that the snow is actually ash, which rises from the smoke of a fire. Banksy has chosen to be in Port Talbot for the image, because the world health organization declared the city in 2018, as the place with the largest pollution in the United Kingdom.

2. Crumbling star, Dover (GB)

in 2017, decided the Graffiti artist, his comment about the Brexit. On the picture you can see a EU flag to a man who dismantled a star. Fittingly, the work bears the name of “Crumbling star”. The location of the image: a huge wall at the port of Dover, regarded for years as the gateway to the UK.

3. A refugee child, Paris

This image is emblazoned in the vicinity of the former reception centre for refugees in Paris. Since the facility was closed, the camp hundreds of refugees in the open. The Graffito shows a refugee child, the übersprayt next to his sleeping bag a swastika with a pink pattern. This is to show Banksy’s criticism of France’s immigration policy.

4. Bombs-Umarmerin, Hamburg (D)

One of the most famous works is the girl hugging a bomb. The special combination of seemingly innocent people with weapons or the Mix of children and war, Banksy not a rarity. That little image has been restored in 2017, from the SAGA group of companies and since then has been protected with plexiglass.

5. Mobile lovers, Bristol (GB)

triggered The image of the “Mobile lovers” has a heated property debate between the Scouts and the city administration. Finally the artist gave to the Scouts, members of a youth club, his consent: “in My opinion, you can keep it.” The youth club was on the brink of Ruin, could thus be saved.

The Graffito of the mobile lovers, shows a close-umschlungenes Couple that seems to kiss. The second sight is clear, however, that the two look over the shoulder of the other on your phone.

6. Steve Jobs went as the son of migrants, Calais (F)

The picture of Steve Jobs in one Hand and an Apple Computer, and in the other a garbage bag stops to the world. It came in 2015 to the fore and plays according to the Sprayer on the immigrant status of Jobs. The comment of the artist: “We are often to believe that Migration will be a burden on the resources of the country, but Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian migrants.”

But it wouldn’t be Banksy, if he hadn’t chosen the perfect venue. The Street artist has sprayed the graffiti on a wall in the Camps for refugees in Calais. The Camp is under the name of the jungle and is a Symbol for the Failure of the European refugee policy.