What deserves to be revealed, deserves to be publicly revealed. Do you remember the Hashtag MeToo. Two years ago, I Packed up women (and few men) from, what are the freedoms of men to allow them. Some of the denounced to lose Job and reputation.

Persistent Bravo is a rational reaction would be to call. It could be interpreted as a happy character, if, before the Power of stupid, the end of men as a film producer Harvey Weinstein, or the American Ex-Senator Al Franken no longer a protected species. The alleged toy doll, which they had hung on to their trophy tree, awoke suddenly to life and began to talk. And for a change, the hanging time to date Unbelangbaren on the hook and were struggling properly.

pity the men

However, the spit, was quickly turned around again. The #MeToo-movement, the Self-evident claim, namely respect, has been reinterpreted as in a hunt of hysterical feminists against the man such. Not the Raped the victim, but the rape Accused. The pity is moved on the side of the men who were slandered, without being able to defend themselves. The end of the rule of law was decried. And the feminist delusions of having been denounced, the throw it all in a pot: A rape is not the same as a nuisance! You must, however, distinguish!

Clear. You have to. Differ is always good. Only, it seems that this distinction of art is applied with predilection in favour of men and not for women.

giving up beer,

The the latest Backlash shows against #MeToo: A study by the University of Houston, which examined the social consequences of this global uprising, and comes to the conclusion, that men’s close Social and work avoid contacts with female employees increasingly: better no beer, no common business trip. Allegedly out of fear that they could be accused of sexual harassment.

Quite easily: Instead of thinking about which of your contacts you wont like, you stop them. And a coward: Instead of a Problem to tackle, you have to go out of his way. And refined: sexual discrimination in the Tarnmäntel the prevention of sexual discrimination. Everything will be okay.

Ursula von Arx has two sons and a daughter. She hopes that none of the and none of them set up in a victim role. Von Arx every second Monday, writes in the VIEW.