European CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 will be Very, very long time continued to be the tweet of the post and not the previous Friday. The European champions have shared with it is that the Euro 2020 and the following years under one name or another, would continue, even though we are in 2021. Weird, but marketinggewijs is not at all logical.

It’s more than just the question of one million people. Sports events have an economic model that is based on sponsor money from the merchandising. Just think of the typical advertisements of the Coca-Cola company, or a Pro in a major tournament. The organizers will benefit from them, but have postponed the tournament to threaten all of the deployed marketing campaigns for Euro 2020 now at the last minute to go.

Anyone who has ever been in a patent, or a license, register it, you will know that it is a very expensive and time-consuming endeavor.

if you have the CHANCE, they want to do everything possible to make that in massive economic loss, to be dealt with. In a post on Twitter, the umbrella of the European football association, that the name of the Euro 2020 will be maintained, in spite of the postponement to 2021. So don’t be alarmed if you have to have a voetbalquiz within a ten-year-old, the trick question is given in the year of the Red Devils of Euro 2020 and win it.

Or Euros to 2021 actual Euro 2020, it will be called, it is still not at all sure of that. The post and deleted the tweet, which had been the brand name should be retained. A correction is needed to make it clear that nothing is decided: “The last tweet was mistakenly sent out, and it is not yet clear whether any of the displaced european CHAMPIONSHIP of the same name, is expected to continue next year.”