Over the years the porn actress Stormy Daniels (40) with Statements about her alleged affair with Donald Trump (73) made the headlines. Now is the scandal noodle to Switzerland to visit: you is the star guest of this year’s Extasia in Basel.

Of 29. November to 1. December, the actress, seen in over 150 adult films to apply to the erotic fair in their book “Full Disclosure”. In it Daniels also writes about the Sex with Donald Trump, “the worst 90 seconds of my life”. She claims to have in the year 2006 having an affair with him had. And although he admitted he had paid her during the election campaign in 2016, a minute sum of money of 130’000 francs, he denies the Sex until today.

the Name “Stormy” is suitable for you

About your sex scandal with the wife, who is actually Stephanie Clifford’t want to talk about. However, she reveals that her Nickname “Stormy” (dt. stormy) is not about to come: “There is no artist’s name, but a nickname. Long before I got into porn, called me my family so. And I would say that the Name is suitable.”

For Daniels is the Extasia-Engagement of the second visit to Switzerland: “I was in 2009, when my then husband was with his Band for a concert in Switzerland. At the time, especially the beautiful buildings and all the pretty women in the memory remained with me,” she says. Daniels will be at the fair, take photos and give autographs. “By the way, I would like to visit the national Museum in Zurich and a couple of castles, of which there’s some for you. And if I have time, I like to go Hiking.”

The daughter remains at home

Although she had her nine year old daughter like to travel, the movie actress with her assistant and a personal security of employees in Switzerland. “For adult exhibition, as well as for sightseeing tours on your own, she is still too young.”

Arnold Meyer (53), organizer of the Extasia, is proud: “for us It is a huge honour to welcome such a major US Star with us,” he says. That Daniel should move in would be at this year’s British “celebrity Big Brother” and a few minutes before the start of a climb-down made, makes him no Worries. Meyer: “no, because we have no fear. She is very reliable.”