Stopped by a student, the pedophile was sent to a psychiatric hospital of Irkutsk

the Court found kidnapped schoolgirl in Irkutsk insane. It is placed in a psychiatric hospital.

“Vesti Irkutsk” remind, state of emergency happened in November 2019 in the street Innovators. 48-year-old from Irkutsk, was forced 9-year-old girl into his car. The child’s cries for help were heard by 16-year-old, passing by. He called the man, and together they could block the passage of the car of the kidnapper. Then, the girl managed to jump out of the cabin.

the Driver of the car, police detained hot on the trail. During the investigation it was established that the man was already convicted twice for rape. And during the attempt to commit a third offence he was not aware of the nature and danger of his actions, according to the materials of forensic medical examination.

Senior assistant head investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Irkutsk region Karina Golovacheva emphasized, the defendant’s mental state presents a danger to the public. So it is not subject to criminal liability. “His criminal case is directed to Lenin court to apply to it measures of medical character” — has concluded Karina Golovacheva.

Text: STRC “Irkutsk”