The Berlin Landeskriminalamt (LKA) was placed after searches of several media, an informant in the Fussilet mosque, also visited the bomber from the Berlin breitscheidplatz. According to rbb, the Berlin Morgenpost, and the policy magazine, contrasts the Anti-terrorist Department of the criminal investigation Bureau led the V-Person in the now-closed mosque.

the existence of The V-man was apparent from a Letter from the police to the internal management of 9. January of 2017. The police informed the inner management according to the rbb and morning post, among other things, on findings of an “Islam seminar”, which should take place at the beginning of October 2016 in the now-closed Fussilet mosque. The author of the letter refers to information of a technical Commissioner of the LKA for “information retrieval” in the Department of politically motivated crime. “An information source” had indicated that the Islam seminar has been cancelled. According to the Morgenpost and rbb, the term “source of information was used” as a discription for a V-Person.

Whether and the extent to which this Person had contact with the assassin Anis Amri, is unclear. But the question is whether the LCA can assess the dangerousness of the later assassin is probably better. Amri was regularly in the mosque and to be on the day of the mentioned Islam seminar have been there. Since only about 50 people will have heard of the regular visitors to the mosque, could have known the “information source” of the LKA Amri.

topic is not expressed in the Committee of inquiry

Berlin’s interior administration and the Berlin police have, so far, the new findings. But will certainly be discussed this Friday in the investigation Committee of the Berlin house of representatives. There, the former police questioned President Klaus Kandt and President of the LKA head Christian Steiof. The Green group has already announced to also provide the as yet unknown V-Person questions. So far, the investigation Committee had not been informed about the existence of this V-Person of the LKA. The cast said no good light on the education, Committee member Benedikt Lux from the Greens. It is the question as to whether or not the LKA have used all the options, the V-Person to Amri.

it was Known previously that V-people of the LKAs North Rhine-Westphalia and the Federal criminal police office were placed in the mosque. In addition, the protection of the Constitution in the Berlin Fussilet had V-mosque-at least one man. This Informant should have known the later assassin Anis Amri, however, good.

The Islamist bombers Amri was in December of 2016, with a load Scheid truck in the Christmas market on the wide and square barreled, had killed twelve people and dozens injured. It was the worst Islamist attack in Germany. He was later shot on the run in Italy by the police.