Stop Prigogine about the persecution Leshchenko

You should not rush from one extreme to another and to poison each infected with a coronavirus. About this in an interview with the newspaper "" said producer Joseph Prigogine, commenting on the words of the singer Lev Leshchenko on the criticism in his address.

Earlier, a woman complained that after he had contracted the coronavirus in the Russian show business began "the pandemic of hysteria", where he began to blame the spread of infection. As noted by the artist, none of his entourage did not get sick COVID-19.

"Stop it! Stop! Think about what we will do tomorrow. What has been, not to return. Enough to experience someone else’s nerves! Don’t need a Saint to do in this matter", — said the producer.

Prigogine called on the Russians to support the artist and wish him good health.

"the last thing today, in these conditions, someone in something to accuse, to suspect, to offend. It is in principle below the dignity of the human. I also saw Leshchenko, and it’s been a month. And that’s okay, thank God. What is he, a leper, I don’t understand?" he wondered.

Leshchenko went to the hospital on March 24, his analysis of the coronavirus gave a positive result. The diagnosis was confirmed and the wife of the singer. The second test COVID-19 from Leshchenko and his wife was negative. Recently both discharged from the hospital.

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