the restoration project is not new – as already wrote “RG”, works to restore the spot ended almost two years ago. But she continues to cause admiring glances as regular passengers and tourists, especially visitors to see the old stopping point. Stop with cast iron columns and glazed shopping arcades more resembles a smaller copy of an old station – so solid she looks.

there was a stop in the early XX century. Then past it took the route of “steams” – the so-called steam tram. In Soviet times, the stop has undergone renovation in the 1990s a fire and almost lost. In the end, the original look of cast-iron pavilion was returned to the investor, having spent many months and millions of rubles on the meticulous restoration details. Now here again is a tram stop N27 & 29. And your large expenses and investor returns at the expense of trade in the glazed parts of the station.

I will Remind, the program “a rouble for a meter” is designed to save architectural monuments, often in dilapidated and emergency condition. The right restoration and preferential rent cast at the city auction, where rental rate is determined at the time of restoration. When the building is reduced, the investor receives it in rent for 49 years for a nominal fee of 1 ruble per square meter per year. “Since the beginning of the program, the winners of the auctions leased more than 32 of these objects, more than half of them are already working hotels, restaurants, shops, medical and educational centers,” – said the Deputy mayor of Moscow for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov.

Muscovites during the voting, by the way, not only choosing the best restoration projects, but also gave an overall assessment of the program as a whole. Supported her almost 74 percent of participants. And the second place after stopping took the main house P. A. Sytina, built in the early nineteenth century, he is considered the best example of recovery of 13.39 per cent of voters. Closes the three leaders of the restored wooden mansion of a nobleman, E. A. von Behrens.

the Head of Moscow cultural heritage Department Alexei Yemelyanov said that the restoration programme is always obtained on a large scale, because old buildings often have to return virtually from obscurity. “Investors know that for the transition the reduced rate of rent they are required to return the building to its historical appearance, – he explains. Specialists put in order as the facades, and interiors. Work in such buildings can only be carried out under our supervision according to the agreed documentation.”

we will Remind, the program “1 ruble per 1 square meter” operates in Moscow since 2012. Since that time it has created the Pref��STI in the order of 19 historic buildings.