The one who truly loves the stones are able to see the beauty not only in expensive and shiny specimens, set in beautiful decorations, but also simple cut of mica, smooth pebbles, sea pebbles or Sandstone of a reddish color resembling rust. The crystals of mountain crystal, rose quartz, amethyst and other minerals, placed on the house, can fill a primal need of connection with the past and past lives. But how much nicer to wear them myself in the form of a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings and feel their appearance the support of eternity.Passion for stones was one of the first human passions and was the most prolonged. As told by Pliny the Elder, for many a precious stone — the proof of the highest and most perfect of the wonders of nature. From here to the faith in their superpowers — one small step. Stones — result of geological changes, volcanic activity, flooding continents and erosion of rocks. And this creates a crystal around the surviving witnesses of antiquity partly magical aura. Our ancestors happily immersed in mysticism and nature stone in the world, and today, when humanity is faced with the consequences of natural and man provoked by negative factors, it is not surprising that we want to see in the stones is a shield from everyday life.The crystals are not protected ancestors from snake bites stronger than they protect us today. Still, the cut of the crystal gives us peace, especially when we are nervous or isolated from nature. To wear bead labradorite or agate in a purse or pocket contributes to feeling like I have an extra charger for energy and reduce the level of anxiety. The Italians made a Pomellato ring Armonie Bayer with mossy agate — why not wear it? Actress Kate Hudson always keeps a piece of turquoise while traveling for safety and protection. Jewelry with turquoises today, even the largest jewelry brands.Bvlgari, Cartier, Piaget, Boucheron uses semi-precious stones in his works of high jewelry, but they are also popular as objects for interior design or beauty rituals. Victoria does not Take releases from the hands of the crystal behind the scenes of their fashion show to the end. The crystals are collected Lady Gaga and performansista Marina Abramovic, whose works examine the effect of crystals on the mind and body. For Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian crystals looking for interior designer Martin Lawrence Bullard, and then installs them all over the house for decorative and spiritual principles. There are even “cleaning crystals” profession at the crossroads family doctor and expert on Feng Shui, which discharged stones to improve energy flow in the house from lack of confidence or reduce the level of anxiety. Metalionsky Golden pyrite is well located near the place of work — his fiery energy helps to increase productivity and to increase vitality. Stone matte black tourmaline, a computer will mitigate the harm of the electromagnetic field and reduce the level of stress from constant communication. A ring with turquoise, sapphire or rock crystal to divert the bad energy and protect during the movement.In ancient times all the Nations of the Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs and Incas to the Romans preferred the lapis lazuli for the sky images, malachite for earth, garnet for the blood. Today the symbolism of these stones has changed. But the appeal of mascots are still relevant.