Still, it is quiet to Dario Cologna. Until the end of November, the long-running Star starts to the season. After a year without a podium to leave for the Swiss Ski nothing to chance, to lead to Super-Dario back to success.

Together with a team of colleagues has Cologna therefore test. In the Canton hospital of St. Gallen, detailed lung tests were carried out. In addition, the cross-country skiers in the cold chamber of the avalanche centre in Davos at Minus 17 to 18 degrees were tested under load.

The cold shock took place, especially in relation to Beijing in 2022. “For the Olympic competitions where very low temperatures are expected,” explains Swiss-Ski discipline chief Hippolyt Kempf. You want to be prepared for the worst.

Colognas cough is in focus

The result in the case of Cologna? “My lungs are working really well,” says the four-time Olympic champion. However, as for years, the severe coughing is an issue. After heavy loads, the cough comes with dry cold. Especially in the case of sprint, Cologna had problems in the past.

Cologna: “it would be Nice if I could stop the coughing.” In the trail of the cough does not bother him though. However, it interferes with the Münster dollars in the recreation. Cologna sleep each bad, comes less quickly back up to speed. Last year he had to cancel due to the cough and even the Tour de Ski.

It is a Problem that you’re trying to get for years into the handle. Potato wraps, and Asthma Sprays, or Inhalation of saline or a local anesthetic. Nothing has significantly helped.

Training with camera in mouth

During the Tests, the Problem now in Colognas focus. “We thought, maybe it’s the breathing. So we filmed the respiratory muscles with the camera, how she works under load,” describes it Cologna.

Hanspeter Betschart, the Medical Chief of the Swiss cross-country Teams and the head of the project, explains: “We have had a camera in the direction of the pharynx and were able to observe the vocal folds under stress.”

Detaches the stomach from the acid the cough?

Also Colognas stomach was taken under the magnifying glass, with a layman’s surprising result. “The acid in the stomach is one approach,” says Cologna. We have found that the value of the acid in the stomach is in the night to high and not coming down. Now it is believed that this stomach could acid then, under load, a negative impact, Cologna increase can be shot, and so the cough is triggered.

“We are now trying to value down. Maybe brings it a little,” hopes Cologna. The procedure would then be relatively simple. “It would be just a acid blocker, the I should the night take. But still this is theory.” In addition, the diet should be adjusted slightly to lower values in the long term, says Betschart.

Whether and what is the acid Trick then, in fact, is the first show of the Winter. “We are sure that Colognas cough play several factors pure,” says Betschart. “But we are now a step further and have a clear Plan for the Winter.”