Stolen with love: clan channel-only one woman was attracted by a

Tigran Keosayan and Margarita Simonyan Tigran Keosayan and Margarita Simonyan
the Press service of the President of Russia

the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny released the second part of the investigation on the family of the chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan and her husband, film Director Tigran Keosayan. It is a film, 2018 “the Crimean bridge. Made with love”, shot by Keosayan script Simonyan. Multimillion-dollar painting, designed to glorify the construction of Putin’s rule, failed miserably at the box office, received a lot of negative reviews and a minimum rating.

But the clan Simonyan-Keosayanom for nothing left: as found by FBK, family members in total earned project 46 million rubles. This is almost half of 100 million rubles, which, as found earlier, the Russian service of the BBC, during the filming of “the Crimean bridge” allocated by the cinema Fund, and to bypass traditional competitive procedures.

For your first scenario filled with “ideologically correct” remarks and unfunny jokes, Simonyan, according to the FCO, received from the Studio “8 series”, which formally belongs to the brother of Keosayan, David, 9 million rubles. For comparison: writer domestic box office hits “the Legend N17” and “moving up” Nikolai Kulikov said in an interview that asks for your scenario to 6 million

doing the same thing for the “Crimean bridge” has received 14 million rubles, and his daughter Aleksandra, whom he made his assistant on the project – more than 4 million within a couple months of filming. The General producer of the film David Keosayan moved 8 million rubles, and his assistants – his son Edmond and his wife – more than 10 million rubles for two.

Family sawmill: the first part of the investigation the FCO about Chet Simonyan-Keasan

the Whole cast of “the Crimean bridge” of 14 people, including ex-wife Keosayan Alena Khmelnitskaya and his niece Laura Keosayan, in the amount of received 10 million rubles. The official representative of the performer starring Catherine Spitz Maria Preconceive told to “Outdoor media” that the actors under contract can’t comment about the shooting conditions and the amount of the fee, as it provides for heavy fines. Preconceive said that it is in order. She Spitz said that you are familiar with the investigation of Bulk, but will not comment on it. Laura and David Keomany declined to comment.

Actor Sergey Nikonenko confirmed the accuracy of the fees for participation in the film. According to him, he agreed to participate in the filming for half his usual rate, in the end he paid about 800 thousand rubles. “My bet is 200,000 per shift, but I was persuaded 100 000. Eight shooting days, and so it turned out. Well, plus the dubbing,” – said the actor.

the FCO also found that allocated by the cinema Fund of the budget of the family contract is not enough, so they requested additional support from the “secret sponsor”. According to the documents “8 series” received on account “a grant for the development of culture” in the amount of 54 million rubles from the Fund of development of cinematography, education and culture. This structure was in “socket in Mitino” and has only one employee. For all time of its existence, 2013, the Fund “did not receive and did not spend any money on a movie or anything else associated with the culture,” but in 2017 received on account of 54 million and moved their Studio Keosayan.

FBC believes that the money to the creators of “the Crimean bridge” was given by the Builder of the present Crimean bridge, the billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, recently received for the construction from his childhood friend, Russian President Vladimir Putin the title of Hero of labor. A representative of Rotenberg previously argued that POMOSI in the film was solely organizational, but not financial.

“, We get lost in why Simonyan pulled off such a complex scheme with financing his film. Why this shell Fund-gasket, why Rotenberg could not give the money directly, why hide it and deny it. Maybe Rothenberg also read the script and decided that it’s disgusting to give money, maybe it’s someone else’s money has been, can be, and Rothenberg lied to our family of parasites”, – stated in the text version of the investigation.