the Authorities in Stockholm are ready to raise the level of preparedness to katastrofeniveau after 18 new virusdødsfald.

In the course of the past day are a further 18 people with the disease Covid-19 died in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.

It tells which, in the Region of Stockholm Björn Eriksson on Wednesday.

In all, 37 people had died from the coronavirus in the capital region. 18 of them the past day.

Björn Eriksson says that the city is in the midst of the storm, and that the authorities are ready to raise the level of preparedness to the highest level.

– the Storm is here. We don’t know how busy it gets, but we are in the midst of it, he says.

– We will increase the level of preparedness to the highest level – katastrofeniveau, he adds.

At a press conference on Wednesday evening lit Björn Eriksson, to 1070 people are confirmed infected in the region. Of them is a 300-inlaid – 65 in intensive care.

With the recent deaths are a total of 62 people have now died in Sweden after becoming infected with the coronavirus.

on the Night of Thursday is 2526 people confirmed infected in Sweden. Of them 16 declared healthy again.

– We have experienced a quite significant increase in the number of infected people, ” says Björn Eriksson.

He adds that a still larger proportion of those infected are over the age of 70.

Björn Eriksson asks all in Sweden with a health professional to help as much as they can. The healthcare system in the Swedish capital have a great need for both personnel and protective equipment.

– We accept all the help we can get, for that is what we really need now, says sundhedsdirektøren.

in Particular, he invites retirees to join in on the track. But first and foremost, those under 70 years of age.

at the same time, employees on part-time be asked to work full-time, informs Eriksson.

the Healthcare system in Stockholm is now being transformed to meet the demanding situation.

– We will now focus on the emergency that can not wait. The healthcare system will be completely changed in a matter of weeks, found sundhedsdirektøren at the press conference on Wednesday evening.

According to Björn Eriksson will be the next weeks a difficult time for health care in Stockholm, and he took the opportunity to thank the staff for the “outstanding efforts”.

Sweden opposite Denmark opted for a less restrictive line for the citizens of the country to contain the spread of the coronavirus.