Already Ötzi wore a tattoo, and still is, the pictures used on the skin to show either belong to a group or, on the contrary, distance themselves. While still about 100 years ago, tend to Sailors and prison inmates, separated from the better society, have been from the 80s, Tattoos for alternative culture and conquered through all the layers of society. In the ‘ 80s, there were in Switzerland about 15 Studios, now there are over 700 professional tattoo artist. “In addition, about 1,400 non-registered private studios exist,” says Luc Grossenbacher, President of the Association of Swiss professional tattooists.

one out of Every five in this country is tattooed, in the case of younger generations, even every Second. Who wears not one, is in certain circles to be an Exotic – and that is precisely the reason why the Tattoo Trend in the longer term, re-flatten: To delineate, to feel rebellious, good is a Tattoo if every Second one has, says Grossenbacher.

In the “right” Tattoo-Studios, the demand is on the decline

He looks at the registered Studios because of a decline in demand. Many also know today that Tattoos are subject to the same fashion trends as clothing styles. As motives that apply currently as the hip can work, soon to be embarrassing – the tramp stamp of the late 90s, and many of the Maori-inspired Tribal Tattoos, like Denise Bielmann wears, can greet. Closely followed by the in the 2000s, often engraved Chinese characters that “should mean strength” or “power”, but all too often, due to a small Verrutschers of the Western tattoo at the end of “noodle soup with pants” mean.

the Sternli, Blüemli or motivation sayings in schnüerli font, which act later in were soon antiquated. What remains the same, says Grossenbacher, are the people who come to a certain important Moment in your life – Christa Rigozzi noted, for example, your Swiss-Miss-title on your skin. So you might see the sweet child’s drawing of the five-year-old son of 80 years still like to be immortalized on the Arm. Together with seven other Swiss celebrities Rigozzi shares the meanings of your Tattoos.

Rigozzi (36):

“I love Tattoos. You are for me a kind of art. I can immortalize what is important to me,” says the Tessinerin. Three Japanese characters. Rigozzi: “they stand for love, intelligence and wisdom.” Important to her is the crown-Symbol, which you in 2006, sting was. “The victory at the Miss Switzerland election has changed my life.” In July 2017 the name of their twins, Alissa and Zoe grace your body. “You are now, of course, the most Important thing.”

The woman’s head on her Arm, she explains: “To him I am approached very often. The face is a mixture of my mom and me and it symbolizes our deep connection. The mask stands for the two faces I have. When I work as DJ am, am I, the artist, and a very different Person than the private. I’m just Carol.”

Biellmann (56) :

her love for Tattoos began over 20 years ago with a “Tribal” that has you drawn in and around your navel piercing is healing. Since then, a lot of flowers and dragon motifs were added: “The chrysanthemums are at the bottom on the back for my sensitive, fine side. The dragon is for strength, and for my rebellious side.”

Steffi Buchli (40)

“has Tattoo Started it many years ago with a Tribal. Eventually, I decided to leave this by fine lines, beautify. The Piercing has sure hurt. I was trying to relax me, and I always deep breathed.” Today, there are four lilies adorn the back of Steffi Buchli.

Heinzmann (30)

Various motifs adorn your body – from the one-legged Monster Lester, who was your imaginary friend as a 17-Year-old and she is wearing on the Ribs, to the Chinese characters on the wrist, a butterfly on the hands and an elf on his left forearm. “One that reaches for the stars. Also, I want this and never give up. All of my Tattoos have an important meaning for me. This is a Must-have for me.”

“I think that Tattoos beautify the body. For me they are like photos from my life. Many arise spontaneously.” You adorn him from head to foot. Lümpli, the days of stuffed animals from his kids, has the same space as the eight stick figures of his seven-year-old son Levi. “These are a beautiful reminder of his Childhood.”

Shortly before the world Cup in 2018, he has a large portrait of himself and his daughters Isabel and Sofia under the skin stinging. Above right, he has a snow crystal that embodies his love for Lara gut. The drawings he referred to as “my whole life as a masterpiece”. So, too, barbed wire, cartridge cases, and bombed houses his body to adorn. As a reminder of his hard youth, the escape in Switzerland and the carefree time after that.

Hänni (24) and friend, Michèle (26)

The Fourth-place finisher in the Eurovision Song Contest and his favourite ever wear a logo on the Arm. At Luca’s, his favorite quote of the Indian resistance fighter Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world” (“on the right forearm, the change you see for yourself in the world want to Be”). In the case of his girlfriend: “Rich in Family, Happiness and Love” (“Enriched by family, happiness and love”).