her distinctive Laugh is heard still: On Friday, Liselotte “Lilo” Pulver 90 years old. With films such as “Uli der Knecht” (1954) and “I often think of Piroschka” (1955) prepared you pleasure in the past 70 years, generations of enthusiasts, but also with international productions such as “One, two, three” (1961) by Billy Wilder (1906-2002) and “A Global Affair”. The latter brought in powder of 1964, even a Golden Globe Nomination.

Today, the Grande Dame of Swiss cinema lives as a recluse in one of the seniors residences castle is the heart of Bern. A big Celebration on the occasion of its anniversary, it will not give in your home town, however. Bern omitted on a Festival or a tribute to the famous citizen. And also a road, or of a place Name according to her was not planned, it means the local municipality on request of Sunday view. Which is amazing because, according to an internal survey, no road and no place in the public space have been named after her.

you do not want health

Sad Lilo powder is but. 90. Birthday was nothing to what she is dealing, she says. Wishes have no more: “Only health.” So she is blessed, however, in high age. She was fit and independent, just not as quickly as before.

powder still has a Mercedes, drives to on a regular basis. About your sister, Corinne, (92), who lives in Freiburg. Or to her son Marc-Tell (57) to the lake of Geneva.

Boring is not it. You read the Bible daily, says powder, do paperwork, make calls or often get visits. How, for example, by the Bernese city President Alec von graffenried (57), the Lilo powder his congratulations to the 90. Birthday completely private will deliver.