programming error in the operating software (Firmware) to make the Router vulnerable to attack. Therefore, it is important that a device is supplied by the manufacturer automatically with Updates, explained to the Stiftung Warentest, has evaluated eight routers (“test”, edition 3/20).

However, the offer only fully three devices – exactly those that make it to the first three places.

After all: Massive security flaws, the attacks on the Internet exploit, found by the auditors, none of the tested Router.

A long Wi-Fi key is start duty

All of the devices from the factory or after the guided initial setup by the user with an encrypted Wi-Fi network. However, the passwords are only 8 characters in length – too little, if one follows the recommendations of the Federal office for information security (BSI). The advises, namely, to a minimum of 20 characters.

Also the access to the surface of the device management via a Browser to the experts, in many cases as unsafe. Because some devices will accept a single character as a password is definitely too short to be sure.

Fritzbox 7590 of AVM is the winner of the test

test winner in the seven tested DSL routers was the 188 Euro Fritzbox 7590 of AVM (Very good/overall score of 1.5), followed by 117 Euro expensive Fritzbox 7530 (“Good”/1.6) and the TP-Link Archer VR2800v (“hat”/2,1) for 157 euros.

  • display: Here is the winner of the test Fritzbox 7590 of AVM buy

As the supply of over-the-counter cable routers is minimal, managed only 248 Euro Fritzbox 6591 Cable in the Test. Also, they cut “Good” (2.0). Best offer on

On super vectoring for quick DSL

sure, by Now, most new routers also support the so-called super-vectoring technology for high-speed DSL connections. Only two of the DSL Router in the Test has not dominated the. Even if the technology is not available everywhere, buyers should pay attention nevertheless, to have a future proof device.

Standard on the equipment of routers are now USB ports for connecting printers or hard drives as well as telephone systems for Internet-based telephone connections – wherein the Features of call block, up to the answering machine and the voice quality are very different. Who wants to use it, you should be sure of the ability to control connected Smart Home devices.

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