In Chuvashia, for example, hockey is among the most popular sports. They have been here more than a thousand children and adolescents. Traditionally, the main training of hockey players in the country is Sports school of Olympic reserve No. 4, based in the ice Palace “Falcon” in Novocheboksarsk. But now she has a “companion”, with whom she is able to prepare a lot of new masters super sport: this year in Cheboksary was opened the regional centre for hockey. It is built on the territory of the Chuvash cadet corps named after Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Kochetov, and now the case will open the special hockey classes, and training will be included in the educational process.

As explained “RG” in the regional Ministry of sport, the timetable is constructed in such a way that learners meet the demands of sports schools could train both in the morning and in the evening. All the items stipulated in the standard of education in curriculum sports classes will be included in full.

– we opened new sports facilities, – said the Minister of sport of Chuvash Republic Vasily Petrov. – This means that the number of those who will play hockey, not only did not decrease, but rather increased.

it Remains to add that in the framework of the national project “Demography” in Cheboksary in 2022 plans to build another indoor ice rink in one of the residential areas of the city.

In the same Irkutsk region is the most popular sport is also hockey only with a ball. “Baikal-Energy” – one of the oldest and strongest clubs of the championship of Russia. It is played like adult athletes, and the hundreds of boys and girls. Despite the craze for hockey in Irkutsk in love and the classic hockey – puck. As told in the Ministry of sports of the region, section and Amateur teams in this sport is in 19 cities and towns of the region, and in total they are a few thousand children.

the Federal project “Sport is a way of life” works in the field for the second year, and the “classic” players will receive a gift for 16.5 million rubles – it will happen this coming September. These funds will purchase new equipment – in particular, two sets of sides with protective screens, two information displays, four sets of gates with grids, machines for sharpening skates, mobile dryer for skates, and strength training.

“improving the conditions for training on hockey – one of the directions of the project, says the Minister of sports of the Irkutsk region Ilya Reznik. – Inventory and equipment purchased for this purpose, in particular for sports schools of Olympic reserve and training schools of Olympic reserve��. This happens in particular in the framework of state support organizations, which prepare the reserve for national teams of Russia”.

the Popular hockey and the city Free the Amur region. In August there your workouts will finally resume young pupils of local sports school № 2 of a name of Oleg Caceva, and expect some very pleasant surprises. The school received a grant for the development of hockey and the first thing has acquired a modern machine to fill the ice area.

– Now we prepare the ice soon this process will be completed, and in August will be the coaches. Fortunately, we have in the Amur region already permitted in group classes, naturally, with observance sanitary-epidemiological norms, – told “RG” the Director of sport school Victoria Mazanik.

According to her, in a Free boys love hockey and indoor arena gives you the opportunity to train and play all year round. And this is very important, as for classes, according to the coach of sports school Sergey Lebec, come more and more children.

Excitement to their workouts will add new equipment purchased in the framework of the Federal project: jump simulator, hockey targets, hockey goal, plyometric boxes, throwing station, and various exercise machines.

– But most importantly, our acquisition of the hockey treadmill, – does not hide satisfaction Lebets Sergey. – To my knowledge, she has only a few hockey clubs. With this dedicated trainer you can learn, and then “put” the technique of movement on skates, to develop strength, endurance and speed.