“The likelihood is pretty high that the corona virus is a virus that’s each and every season, comes back.” That said virologist is in order, Steven Van Gucht, Tuesday morning, at the daily press briefing by the National emergency operations centre. “We expect to have the virus, more and more, it will behave as a common cold virus.”

“Even if there’s a partial immunity among the population, it will be less painful, and less and less people to infect each other,” says Van Gucht. “The problem is that we are now in a stage with a low immune system, and a lot of people are susceptible to this virus, and for a period of time due to which there is still a lot of infections can occur. In order to strike a balance, to have sufficient immunity, and will continue for several more years must pass.”

in the Meantime, the number of people killed by the corona virus in our country to the threshold of 2000 is exceeded, so it was on Tuesday shown in a daily press briefing. It’s going to be a significant increase, but that is mainly due to additional reports of death in Flemish nursing homes. Between the 1st and 4th of april, there are 241 people have died from it.

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Due to the delay in reporting, there are 241 deaths in the Video are: “rr”

in Addition to the deaths in the nursing homes, the voices of the past 24 hours and 162 deaths. “The houses are going to be of great age, with underlying health conditions,” said Steven Van Gucht. “There’s going to be the confirmed cases, and sometimes on the basis of strong suspicion.”

At the hospitals, in the meantime, 6.012, patients, or an increase of 314 patients. In intensive care, are 1.260 patients in total, of which there was a slight increase, with 3 patients in the last 24 hours. On Monday, the number of patients in the intensive very, very slightly, but it may be played in the “weekendeffect”.

The number of infections has grown from 1.380 to 22.194. As is well known, this is an underestimate, because not everyone is tested. It is, however, the test capacity in recent days, significantly increased. The number of confirmed infections to live and 587 people, in Flanders, in 734, in Wallonia and 62, Brussels, belgium. 19 of the cases, there is no information on place of residence.

on 15 march 4.157 patient was discharged from the hospital, and healed, 171, more than on Monday.

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in the Past 24 hours 162 from the dead, but also to 241 deaths in Dutch residential care centres reported
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