She started her tv career when she was quite small, as the daughter of the famous australian dyreentusiast Steve Irwin.

Now the 21-year-old Bindi Irwin grown up, and she reveals on social media that she has been married to his fiance. A wedding, however, not totally was as planned.

For as Bindi Irwin was engaged to Chandler Powell for less than a year ago, there was probably no one could have predicted what would happen with the world in 2020.

Irwin and Powell chose, therefore, to their wedding, which was held in the Australia Zoo, a zoological garden was founded by the bride’s grandparents, were without guests.

It was only the core family, which participated at the ceremony.

Bindi Irwins father, Steve Irwin, who was known the world over, as the excited about ‘the crocodile hunter’ passed away at the age of only 44 years in 2006.

He was in connection with a documentary he starred in, stung by a stingray and died.

Why was it Bindi Irwins younger brother, Robert Irwin, who followed the bride to communion at the wedding on Wednesday.

Australia is otherwise shut down due to corona-the crisis, and therefore, it was only because that Bindi Irwin lives with his mother and brother, that they had the opportunity to participate at the wedding, she writes on Instagram.

And though the day was not, as she had thought, so it was still a lovely wedding, underlines the newly married bride.

‘today we celebrated the life and reveled in every beautiful moment we shared together at the Australia zoo’s garden. Mother helped me to make myself clear, Robert followed me to the communion, Chandler was my husband, and together lit a light in my father’s memory,’ she writes, and reveals, further, that it was a moving day.

‘We shared tears, smiles and love,’ she writes in her report on the social media.