The Moment must be incredibly, before Martin Fox and then Steve Guerdat riding in the last and decisive round of the world Cup Finals in Gothenburg (Sd). Because you know: The two Swiss nationals, a podium is for sure – you simply need to remain without error in the course. Fox is Second in the intermediate standings, Guerdat even the Leader.

And our Top show jumping riders are known for their strength of nerves in crucial moments. Fuchs (26) rides clarified on his gelding Clooney round and white in accordance with the error-free Ride that he is at least on the 2. Place to land. Only one Starter is missing Guerdat: His friend and role model.

Guerdat is one of the record winners

The 36-Year-old has won the world Cup Final twice. On gelding Alamo, has been made under Guerdat in the last year tremendous progress, he proves his Routine with a blank round and gets the hat Trick! “It makes me speechless,” said Guerdat stirred for a short time after his victory ride.

in order Guerdat moved into the Guild of the record winner. In front of him, four other riders have only three world Cup final victories brought: Hugo Simon (76, NC), Rodrigo Pessoa (46, Bra), and the German Marcus Ehning (44) and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (49).

For the strong and emerging Fuchs it is the best ranking in a world Cup Final after his 4. Place in Omaha in 2017 and its 11. Rank in Las Vegas 2015.

Already at last year’s world Cup, the two friends stood together on the podium: Fox world Cup-silver, Guerdat, Bronze at the world Championships.