hair long and curly, and the headband is one of the outstanding features of Stefanos Tsitsipas. The 20-year-old Greek character of the head is striking on the course. Outside of Tsitsipas is engaged. The number seven in the world dedicated to date regularly with his Video Blogs on Youtube, where he keeps his Fans on their travels and also to his environmental and political Concerns expressed.

Now, the Tennis Star surprised his Fans with an overhead kick. Just before the Laver Cup in Geneva Tsitsipas announces on Tuesday with an Instagram post: “My Social Media detox is not yet complete. For the past two weeks, all Apps are deleted, and to be honest, it is a great feeling!”

Now, the Agency is not managing its Accounts

All in the lurch, he wants to let his followers on Instagram it’s about 670’000–. In the same article he adds: “From now on, all Social Media Posts, interactions and communications are managed by the Agency.”

This pushes the majority of his Fans but pissed on. In the comments you criticize action by Tsitsipas’. A Fan writes, for example: “We all need a Social Media detox. But it is sad that your Agency, your Social Media-processed channels. So it’s not as authentic.”

Tsitsipas is not the first athlete who misses a break from Social media. He’s not going but as far as, for example, Lara gut, has deleted their Accounts last fall even. (rib)