Stefaniya Malikova brother Marc

the 20-year-old Stefania Malikov posted on instagram a picture with his two year old brother mark. Daughter Dmitry Malikov photo posing in short red dress of her own design (student of the MGIMO University together with University friends started the clothing brand DressBySteshа). The singer also recently shared with fans of the family frame. Dmitry has published in a personal blog a photo with Stephanie and mark.

My children greeted me happy father’s Day!

— happily he said.

Fans said that Malikova have not shown the pictures with the baby, and during this time he order grew, more and more becoming like my father.

Dmytro and Stephania Malikova

Elena and Dmitry from the very beginning did not hide that mark was born by a surrogate mother. It turned out that the news about the new addition to the family came as a surprise for Stephanie. The baby is growing in the same creative, like his parents, he has been dancing at the ballet school of Ilze Liepa. In the future, the artist plans to give son in the sports section: football or hockey.

is the best gift that anyone could ever give me parents. Already don’t understand how I lived before without Mark. Now it seems impossible! Let all the kids be happy and healthy. Me, by the way, 20 years ago, baptized this day,

— written by Stefania.