The public sector is nothing more than a monopoly service provider. Think of schools, Marriages, or even mundane things like car license plates. Of course costs need to be covered here. This goes two ways – either through taxes, then pays the General public, or can they be apportioned to the person responsible a fee. Who uses, pays – that sounds plausible. But caution: is Often not the user is the sole profiteer.

we Take the register of companies: of Course the entry is important for your company, but primarily benefits the General public. Because it offers suppliers and customers the information and a certain degree of legal security. Therefore, it would be in such situations, to Finance at least part of the costs through taxes. Financing from tax revenues, however, are unpopular, because a tax collection requires the consent of the people. Fees, however, may decide on the public authorities to self-certify.

it is not So easy, because CVP national councillor Alois Gmür from Schwyz has brought in Parliament in the order-by that I must be in the case of fees provisions at the Federal level belongs to. I’m going to do – look carefully and do the math.