We had often of it – the public TRANSPORT System is complicated, and it is in the System, that there are more gains than actually would be needed. This is already for a long time and can be on the Quick change. Therefore, it is important that the part of the profit goes beyond the Necessary, but also to the travelers returned. This is a commandment of Fairness! Price the obvious choice would be cuts. The subsidised regional traffic would be affected but not necessarily.

At best, it compares the public TRANSPORT fare system with a large machine, which is driven by meshing gears: Screwed at one end, shaking it on the other side. Therefore, you have to be with system-changing interventions carefully. Coupons, supersaver tickets, fee reductions ensured that the machine is running but not overheated.

My request for automatic credit notes for subscription customers joined, however, a very long time to deaf ears. It was probably the last coupon promotion for GA customers, which ushered in a change in thinking: What was well-meant, was estimated from part of the customer nor used. And so the SBB offered finally, this year, for the first time, Hand to automatic credits for half-fare customers. The credits are well made, you remember it on the next invoice. The customer’s reactions, and simply to the announcement was very positive.

that is Why I am delighted that the SBB customer provides for your GA-credits (50 francs per 2. Class GA, 100 Swiss francs per 1. Class GA). Because a credit can really need to have every GA-travelers.

by the Way: Even if you do not have a subscription, you will not go empty: The SBB will increase this year’s record offer savings tickets by a further 20 per cent, i.e. a further 20 million francs, more discount.

Everyone can benefit, no one is left on the outside – just as it should be. Bravo!