The braces-age – a banger Moment for the parents of children who are not blessed with the perfect set of Teeth. The miracle weapons of the modern orthodontics can confidently be considered as investment objects of unknown magnitude, is the topic – including the parents of the target group – everyone is talking about.

What can you do? Are there any ways to affect the cost?
Here is an experience report: A 7.-Graders, had visually no major abnormalities, was from the school an idea when the jaw dentist recommended orthopedist. The appointment took place, and on the question of the parents, whether or not a treatment was necessary at all, replied in the affirmative, the specialist and referred to the today’s Standards (which should also mean always).

Despite the seed of doubt – but what is the lay of orthodontics – the procedure was started. X-ray, imprint, and then, correctly, a cost estimate. This is a long list jaw was listed on orthopedic appliances, and in the end, the immense sum of 14’000 Swiss francs were adorned with. (Some of the Occasion-a Porsche would be cheaper!)

This sum is ensured in any case that the Loving-parent-program “I-want-only-the-Best-for-my-child,” a powerful conclusion of the “Is-this-really-necessary-and-price-in-order?” was added. The resulting second opinion appointment brought amazing insights: first, the treatment provided for in the second opinion orthodontist would have cost “only” around 8000 Swiss francs. In addition, this expert recommended that a treatment in sight, as the child would be able to keep up with the greatest probability of his (good) position of the teeth.

we See from the physical ordeals once, we are talking still of 14’000 Swiss francs for a seemingly unnecessary treatment. Even if the treatment would have been made, then the price of duplicitous difference between the two Bernese professionals still 6000 francs.

The question of the parents, whether that was right, I had to answer: The dentist collective knows more than 500(!) Individual positions. Paid values to Taxpunkten and charge point. Outside of the social insurance, each dentist is free to determine the amount of the charge point value itself, and to also vary the number of charge points per tariff section, depending on the care required. It is
there is competition so you can compare the charge point values of the various dentists.

unfortunately, this is of little use to assess if one is able, what services are actually needed. Seen in this way, the competition here is very theoretical in nature, because in purely practical terms the layman can use it. I have warned often that this System should be reconsidered. Happened so far, unfortunately, nothing. So it only remains for me to recommend you: always Ask for a cost estimate, and if this appears to be high, then get a second opinion.