No question about it, dynamic Pricing schemes are an innovation that have the potential to be a win for all – namely, snow sports enthusiasts and mountain Railways be – to. But, as so often in life, a beginning without stumbling blocks is rare. Complaints of frustrated customers have a go at me again and again, feeling at a disadvantage. Easy it is not, because the price systems work, depending on the area different. For example, bad weather and the usage can be linked with a juicy discount, or the booking time or all together. And Yes, this is allowed! It is also nowhere written, that the mountain Railways in the weather to bear risk. We are going to have to get used to.

don’t get used, we need to intransparency us price. Seco has in the meantime clearly, what is going on in this regard and what is not. “From”prices: they are in principle allowed, but it must be acknowledged that there is a minimal price. In addition, it must be clear on what range it refers to. Further, the following applies: This specific offer have to be described, in particular where, when and how the offer is available (e.g., from the 1.1.2019 to 3.1.2019 in the online shop).

often compared complained: prices, for example, you get a 30 percent discount. Here is the rule: A comparison with a former price is only possible, if the higher price is directly been actually applied.

“Up-to-discounts” may only be used if all the offers are listed with price and specification. Statements such as “Up to 30% discount if you buy your Ticket more than 30 days in advance” are not allowed.

More information can be found on the Website of the Seco. Now the rules are clarified, and I expect it will, where necessary, make adjustments. For us customers, I would like to see, moreover, that we would have in a simple way (e.g. via Comparison websites), the opportunity to compare the prices and terms of winter sports areas. Because that encourages competition and good prices.

PS: My younger daughter loves the fog Ski … Na so!