creativity is needed to revive the snow sport in Switzerland. In addition to good ideas, such as the Crowdfunding in Saas-Fee, there were many attractive promotions for season subscriptions. Good. Dynamic prices is to make the snow sport fit for the future. Because on the one hand – say the proponents – could be a better and controllable tracks, and runway utilization is achieved, on the other hand, the (weather)risks are tracks better between the mountain and the users are distributed.

That sounds fair, and the technology it gives: Whether it’s early bird, multi-day user, or winter sports, with the drive even in perfect conditions or at times that are less popular – there are many parameters that can reduce the ticket. The flip side of the coin is that, for example, spontaneous in samstäglichem Emperor weather and powder snow deep in the pockets.

Dynamic pricing have the potential to be a win-win for all – where all have access to it. At the Moment they are not but still, as a variety of at my received messages show. Here is the list of complaints: The prices are in some places has risen extremely. It will be partly promised high discount percentages, unfortunately, no one knows what, because the maximum prices it is often. The lifts do not drive, for whatever reason, has had the customer bad luck, according to the terms and conditions. Even price comparisons between each of the ski areas are so difficult.

I can understand that the customers feel insecure and taken advantage of. Therefore, I have to clarify the responsible state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco) asked whether the current practice meets the statutory requirements. Regardless of this, I call on the concerned ski resorts, to check your pricing transparency, traceability and Fairness. Because “Everything skiing” must be the goal, and not “All are scared”.