half the world is Felt from lactose intolerance plagued the many lactose-free products in the retail sector testify. Sometimes it can be temporarily avoided to consume in spite of intolerance to lactose-containing products.

In such cases, fortunately, there is relief in the Form of lactase, the enzyme that can split lactose. How to get this enzyme? Basically, there are several ways: You can buy it as a drug in the pharmacy. Another common variant is to buy an appropriate food supplements in the retail sector.

dosage and price vary greatly

the difference between The two: The pharmacy product is approved by Swissmedic and contains other auxiliary substances and additives as food supplements. Also, the dosage of the lactase varies. In a dietary Supplement of the Migros, for example, contain almost twice the amount of enzyme.

Where is the Problem, both of these acts, Yes? The Problem is the price. The drug from the pharmacy is nearly five Times (!) as expensive as, for example, the food Supplement from the Migros. Since it is also included on the specialty list, by health insurance paid for drugs, it will be paid for at a doctor’s prescribing–.

The cheap dietary supplements, however, may not pay health insurance. Whether this is actually useful, it should be examined – especially in terms of the development of Premiums–. In addition, a factor of “Five” is also the question of price determination is a price: it Would not be correct, also comparable dietary Supplement in the pricing include?

The incoming messages show that the people want to make their contribution to savings. In not a few cases, it is in the hands of the authorities to allow in the first place. Critical tests are displayed for each potential savings counts!