I constantly receive reports from the public, the show that online discounts will be perceived as discriminatory. This topic deserves attention, because our world is full of online discounts: Whether health insurance funds, insurance companies, Mail or long-distance transport – those who opt for an Online version, is often financially advantageous.

Is the name of the now, but in reverse, anyone who opts for a conventional variant, is being discriminated against? A glance at the costs is the answer. A fair price is a price based on the costs incurred. Suppose you want to buy insurance and opt for an online variant. You fill out your application online itself. The data doesn’t have to be typing you will be processed in accordance with the indication electronically. Until dispatch of the Police is not a “human being is actually” necessary. Your payments, you also done online and also any claims to report electronically. In such models, thus, their employees and the company, in turn, can reduce the personnel cost for the processing. Who cost less, will pay less. This is obvious, but in our Thinking, and not yet anchored so firmly.

This is probably also due to the fact that many companies, your clients and customers leave not just of savings caused by the use of new technologies, benefit. Think of the self-service checkouts of large retailers. Several cash ATM, customers scan their shopping, hurrying herself, and a Supervisory person. This saves a lot of labor costs to the Fund staff. But what the customers have financially that you do this Job? Exactly: nothing. The cost savings remain with the company or be distributed, to the extent that the competition plays to all customers, even to those who do not scan yourself. Have you ever thought about whether this is fair? But that’s not even the end of the flag pole. There are also plenty of companies that generate rather than the customers of the lower cost benefit, suddenly even more revenue by charge for the online customers there are no discounts, but the Offline-customers extra fees – for example, in the Telecom industry.

that is Why I say it is clear: Online discounts, which do not have their origin in the fact that the customer cost savings, are only “beautiful”, they need to be, of course. So the price/performance ratio is the same as the offline variant.