in the second-to-last Swiss “crime scene” from Luzern, Stefan Gubser (61) as a Commissioner Reto Flückiger in the ropes (now SRF 1, 20.05 PM). This time, a female boxer – played by Tabea Buser (26) steals the Show. Since his Lucerne debut in 2011 Gubser quarrels with a lack of scenarios and lack of a chief author shall be liable. “I have often read, that there is a lack Flückiger on corners and edges. How was I supposed to play if the Situation and the Emotion was in the script?”, he complained recently.

“Derrick”syndrome makes for sleepless nights

Double difficult: in Spite of the blurred profile Gubser is in the minds of the viewers with the investigators figure associated with it. The great success of this Format also generates the shadow pages. “As an actor, individual actors are very occupied and are primarily associated with their role”, it describes the coordination unit of the ARD. The “Derrick”-syndrome – the identification with a single role, such as in the case of Horst Tappert (1923-2008) – can be threatening, almost like a curse. In contrast to Stefan Gubser Alwara Höfels (37, “Keinohrhasen moved”), the rice leash itself and decided by the end of 2017, from the Dresden Team to get out. “Different views on the work process and a lack of artistic consensus led to leave the “crime scene”, because I saw it as my personal responsibility at risk.”

“The feeling to need something New”

Sibel Kekilli (38) also threw from the towel. She said: “The financial security that brings such a role, is perhaps a little Reassuring. But I had the feeling to need something New. I didn’t want to be on forever, Sarah Brandt from Kiel.” Kekilli stressed that life as an actress with professional uncertainty. When you have paid off the step: “people remember more of you, if you know that you’re free again.”

New from the art forger

The Gubser looks apparently similar to, “This was like a Kick in the butt and I was catapulted out of my comfort zone.” Now he is again own Film and theatre projects, as a staged reading about the art forger Wolfgang Beltracchi (68).