He brings Switzerland to Laugh: comedian Stefan Büsser (34) more recently, in the “Donnschtig to see Jass”. In the VIEW, he talks about Paris Hilton, the Trash-Show “The Bachelor” and he reveals who his favorite comedian is

Stefan Büsser: Jassen, I gelernet of my father. In the meantime, we have exported our national game abroad: Always when guests come into the house of my father to Mallorca – Non-Swiss – you have to play cards with us.

what is actually your Name penitent?
My hometown is Amden SG, but since I was never. Perhaps you have distributed to us at the time, because we have done some mischief and now I have to pay for them and the Swiss as a court jester to entertain.

you never Had the idea of a stage name to purchase?
As a comedian, but as a DJ, I wanted to mean in my youth years, time DJ Sugarfree. The artist name “Büssi” by the way, Roman Kilchsperger, called me in our common radio time, Energy and from there called me all the way.

Who is the best comedian of all time?
For me personally, Marco Rima. Internationally, it would probably be Jerry Seinfeld or current grade for me the most: Ricky Gervais.

you Had a youth idol?
Now it gets embarrassing: Caught in the Act. Actually, I was but Boys Backstreet Fan, but this Poster hung in my sister’s room. And you can’t be the same Fan as the brothers and sisters. So I had to Dodge on Caught in the Act.

they met once Paris Hilton know. What was it, exactly?
I say only so much: We spent the night together. However, in clothes, what else have managed only a few men with her.

What is the temptation you can’t resist?
Gummibärli, Cola Zero and a cold beer.

put up for organ donation. Why?
Because in our country every week two people die because we have too few organs, although 80 per cent of the population are in favour of organ donation. The topic deserves attention and is at me a heart and lung thing.

And what fascinates you in such a way on “the Bachelor”Format?
Someone once said that I broke up with my Best Ofs from the “Shit Gold”. This is of course exaggerated. “Shit money is made” but.

I can wiggle the ears. Evil tongues claim that it is my greatest Talent.

When I started my career in journalism. I always say: The VIEW has ended many careers, he has launched.