To the popular flash mob Stay At Home joined in Ivanovo doctors. As you know, now doctors around the world are turning to people urging them to stay home. Is temporary isolation can help to halt the spread of coronavirus infection.

it all started with Malaysian doctors, reminds TV “of Ivteleradio”. With homemade signs in hand Ivanovo doctors are asking people not to leave their homes and, especially, not to break quarantine.

As is known, in the region recorded one case of the coronavirus. The health of patient good, it is in an isolated case. Under medical supervision remain tourists returning from abroad. Quarantined also, students that were in Germany, as well as their parents.

across the region in accordance with the decree of the Governor strengthened the restrictive measures. Prohibited mass events involving more than 50 people. All staff transferred to the remote mode.

Text: TV “of Ivteleradio”