the Battle for the essential and life-saving equipment is hard-nosed between the states of the united states.

And it means that the price of protective equipment and medical supplies to combat the corona virus is multiplied for the whole critical equipment.

It can be read from the medium ProPublica.

Here you have obtained the prices which the state of New York paid for the various types of equipment and compared it to the normal price.

And something could indicate that coronakrisen costing the usa a great many charges.

for Example, New York paid 20 cents (just under one and a half penny) for the gloves. Usually cost five cents – under 34 ear.

And the examples of overpayment are many.

the Masks have been sold to the state for up to 7,50 to the dollar – it is about 15 times the normal price.

infusion pumps have had to pay 2.795 dollar for – it is double of the regular price.

A røntgenmaskine has been purchased for 248.841 dollar – usually such a for a price of 30,000- € 80,000.

the Information comes as several states in the UNITED states cries out for help from the federal government and president Donald Trump.

The republican governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, said last week in an interview with NPR that his state ‘flew blind’ in the fight against the coronavirus, and the democratic governor of Connecticut, Ned Lamont, described the whole situation as ‘alarming’.

“We are quite alone,” said the governor to the New York Times.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has been out and describe the macabre situation where the states are in a bidding war for vital equipment.

His land is with the lengths the state in the UNITED states, which has the most smittetilfælde and died with covid-19.

“We literally have companies calling and saying: ‘Now shall you hear, California has just outbid you. It’s like being on eBay and bid on respirators with 50 other states,” said Cuomo, referring to the well-known auction website.