Texas and Ohio say it’s more necessary to treat the infected with coronavirus than abortindgreb.

the USA’s states of Texas and Ohio have given the order to have abortions in hospitals and clinics should be exposed. In the current situation is the not-necessary intervention.

It should free up more forces to combat coronavirus.

the Decision is taken, while CNN on Tuesday could indicate that the 50.076 registered infected people in the U.S. with the corona virus. 646 persons have died.

Critics see the canceled abortions as politically motivated rather than an account of the sick who are infected with the coronavirus.

Vice-president Mike Pence is appointed to coordinate the government’s efforts against the infection. He prayed in the last week the country’s hospitals to select which intervention you be able to cancel or suspend. It should free up capacity to treat coronasmittede.

In Texas, say authorities, that they will postpone the abortion, unless the mother’s life and mobility is in danger.

In Ohio says the state justitschef, to clinics that perform abortions, where you have to use protection like gloves and mask, must stop immediately. It shows the documents, which local media mentions.

Both Texas and Ohio to take a hard line against abortions. Even if the right to interrupt the pregnancy is guaranteed by the UNITED states supreme court.

the Order to postpone the aborterne in Texas came Saturday from the governor Greg Abbott.

Those who violate the governor’s order, will be taken during treatment with everything the law allows, says the state’s attorney general, Ken Paxton, according to AFP.

Both he, the governor and the vice-president Pence are republicans. They are well-known opponents of abortion.

– It is not at all surprising to see how the minister is using any excuse to promote his political agenda, said Kathy Miller of the Texas Freedom Network, which supports the right to abortion.

Abortion is one of the most divisive issues AMERICA’s political life the most.