He referred to you, always disrespectfully as “Nositsch” – but a Chance against SP-councillor Daniel Jositsch (54) and the FDP councillor Ruedi Noser (58) he did not well: Roger Köppel is in the Zurich Council of States election to the rear.

According to the latest survey conducted by the opinion research Institute Sotomo in the order of “Tamedia”, the “world week”-publishers to 31 per cent vote share.

SVP national Council, thus exploiting the Potential of the SVP electorate completely. However, in the end. In the civil side, in particular, the FDP, can Köppel, despite the slog (he attended all 162 of Zurich, municipalities).

“hug strategy” helps Jositsch and Noser

Quite different Daniel Jositsch. The law Professor from swinging with 63 percent at the top and – now – his stöckli seat already in the first ballot to confirm. Striking: Jositsch be enjoyed also in the case of bourgeois voters support. Seven out of ten liberals want to on 20. October Jositsch write on the ballot paper.

A second round of elections is imminent, Ruedi Noser: The entrepreneurs would have a good 40 percent of the vote, but has the best chance to win then against koeppel.

The two previous Ständeräte fight in this election closed. This “coalition of reason” between the FDP and the SP is, according to the political geographer Michael Hermann (48) of the electorate. “I would be glad if we could work in the Team,” said Jositsch recently in an Interview with the “Switzerland on the weekend”. This “hug strategy” can be useful to both, Noser, as well as Jositsch, Hermann.

Tiana Moser could. Köppel

do not overtake another Alliance but it seems the electorate to score big: The Green candidate Marionna Schlatter brings only 15 percent of the vote The SP-voters failure of the voice. GLP-group boss, Tiana Angelina Moser (40) in turn provides it to 20 percent.

The environmental scientist could overtake Köppel in a second ballot. Condition: The Greens would have to the candidacy of Schlatter for the 17. November pull back. But to Noser, she would have to mobilize more in the bourgeois camp. (vfc)

On the 20. In October the Federal Parliament elections in Switzerland. The total of 200 seats in the national Council are distributed according to the number of population in the cantons, and need to be re-elected. Also the 46 seats of the Council of States to be re-awarded.

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