the Message to test and test to WHO to get to grips with the corona virus is technical director Kåre Mølbak disagree with that.

After a few days, which has been subjected to serious doubt whether the Danish strategy against the coronavirus, try one of the top responsible for the Danish effort now to explain why Denmark is trying to mitigate the epidemic’s impact rather than to contain the infection.

It writes Politiken Friday.

Kåre Mølbak, who is technical director for Infektionsberedskab at Statens Serum Institut, put at the same time does not hide that he disagrees with the message that has flowed from the world health organisation, WHO.

Here is the message that countries need to test, test and test itself through the epidemic.

They must simultaneously isolate all sick and put their contacts in quarantine in order to break the smittekæderne.

– So pushing the we just the problem in front of us, because this virus is something that the population must go through before or since, says Kåre Mølbak, who is also the chief physician in the infektionsepidemiologi and professor at the faculty of health sciences, University of Copenhagen, denmark, for Politiken.

It must happen in a pace, where health care is not being put under such a tremendous pressure that it can no longer deal with society’s most ill citizens.

as seen in other major european countries such as Italy and Spain, which together have over half of the world’s registered toll from coronavirus.

According to Kåre Mølbak, most of us sooner or later are infected with Covid-19. It is the epidemic law.

– It is this that is the problem with it, as the WHO says. They imagine that they can contain the infection, but I think this is totally passé, he says to Politiken.

Statens Serum Institut estimates that the infection in the best case can be halved as a result of the initiated actions.

This will epidemikurvens shape face out, which will have a noticeable effect on the workload of the health care system, the sounds in the risk assessment.

however, If we follow the Who’s recommendation to the letter, we obtain according to Kåre Mølbak not the same herd immunity, where large parts of the population becoming infected during the epidemic’s first wave, and thus become immune to the disease.

Then we run the risk that the next wave of the epidemic this autumn will be so high that it washes the healthcare system over the edge.

the newspaper, Politiken, has submitted his pointer for the WHO, as the writing has the answer:

– Every country must make its own decisions based on its own risk assessment and the prevailing circumstances, it sounds.