One of the young people went to the residents and struck in the face, was injured slightly. Further, it was found in a car paint scratches, and a bent windshield wiper. The police asks for pertinent information.

Pößneck: cigarettes stolen through hacking into a business

last night around 21:10 a.m., two unknown suspects by Inserting the window pane broke into a business in Broad street in Pößneck. Here is this stolen, according to initial findings cigarette in previously unknown quantity. Description: Both male, black hooded sweatshirt, approx. 1,80 m tall, both were wearing backpacks, one flees through the Park, a in the direction of the country of purchase. Police are asking for relevant information.

Schleiz: accident with two Involved no injuries

A 55-Year-old came with your Car from the direction of the upper Bohemian village and wanted to turn left in the direction of Plauen, in the process, they overlooked a from the direction of Plauen coming Cars, it came to a collision in which both vehicles were damaged but no one was hurt.

Saalfeld/ Hohe Warte: wild accident

Eichicht, A 52-year-old driving his Car from high wait coming in the direction of. At the height of the entrance to the Fa. Vattenfall, a deer crosses the roadway. Despite the introduction of emergency braking, the Golf driver can avoid the collision with the deer. As a result of the collision, to property, arises at the Car damage and the deer died. Persons not eligible for the accident damage.

Schleiz: accident due to excessive speed.

A 23-Year-old last night, drove in Schleiz the Nikolai street in the direction of the Hofer Straße. After passing through the Nikolai square in the high-powered BMW was due to inappropriate speed into a Skid, came off to the right and pushed in a row against a house facade. No one was hurt, the BMW caused economic damage total.

Sonneberg/ Neuhaus: drunk driving

A Car driver was observed by witnesses at a gas station in Neuhaus, as he is apparently under the influence of alcohol beer bought, and then, with his Car drove. A witness later that the driver was already at the lights, mountain striking, there he was overtaken by about 8 Cars and a Truck is dangerous. The 37-year-old suspect was found a short time later, in the context of the short-range mug at his place of work. A breath alcohol test revealed a weight of 1.38 per thousand.

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