The young lady hit and then several times in the face of the Lord, not to fall in love with him in a wild make-out session. But the two of them drove it further and even tried the intercourse. A passenger complained to the couple whose unbridled behavior and was struck by the 42-year-old in the face. At the stop junction hill had increased the couple and got in each other in a fight. Here, too, steps 3 passers-by, and wanted to arbitrate the dispute. This time wanted to return the favour, the 20-year-old. She took a stone from the track bed and was on the 3 passers-by to follow. Appeared this time the uniformed colleagues, and were able to calm the couple for the time being. There are several Ads for personal injury have been recorded and in the case of both a breath alcohol test is performed. After an in-depth teaching both of them were dismissed. Half an hour later, the two again noisy disputes were on the Willy-Brandt-Platz. The love story was for the time being, got “Romeo” is a place reference, and “Julia” spent the night in the hospital because of their substantial consumption of alcohol showed its effect.


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