on 12 may, when in many regions of the country, introduced compulsory wearing of masks and gloves in public places, the state Duma gathered for its first big break after meeting. The Duma Council a few days earlier decided to oblige all MPs to attend the hall “in the means of individual respiratory protection (mask) and hands (gloves)”. But the speaker Volodin, and some other deputies of the requirement for masks and gloves is not honored.

the lower chamber of the Parliament together with the whole Russia was going to “mask mode” gradually. Whatever anyone says, the deputies of the state Duma – the flesh and blood of the people who elected them. They, like us, also “while the thunder will not burst”: while not sick someone close, very close, and, God forbid, hard, many disregard the advice and recommendations of doctors, thinking that they have something unlike others, everything will be fine.

But in the state Duma building, which in itself is a public place, there is one public course venue: the plenary hall. MPs sit there in rows, in close proximity to each other, as in a movie theater for several hours. And talk, talk, talk, involuntarily spraying containing it is not clear that droplets of saliva.

In disguise, of course, uncomfortable and stuffy – especially indoors, and without that stuffy because disabled, in order to fight virus-conditioning. Besides policy – it’s the people at work, shoot, write, show on TV. They, like the actors, “trade person”. In all masks, hand on heart, look weird, and they.

we Can assume that the combination of all these reasons contribute to the popularity of this sanitary measure in a DePuy corps.

the First issue of masks and gloves raised Vladimir Zhirinovsky. LDPR leader at the end of February it was ostentatiously out to the cameras in full preventive gear. But in the hall from her often vacant, and from the podium, in any case, acted without a mask. Members of his faction too, depending on the stiffness of the instructions of the leader, wore masks and gloves, then shot them.

the Meeting, on 1 April, when the state Duma in emergency mode has taken the first anti-crisis and anti-epidemic laws already passed in terms of “working days” and strict isolation, declared in the capital region. But the deputies in the mass of the mask on the “plenary” ignored.

journalists at the time of the epidemic the state Duma building are insulated, too, the picture from the plenary session hall shows usually only the Presidium and the rostrum, and selectively speaking from their seats. But the photos taken by the photographer of the Duma, the official website of the lower house are located.

If you look at the Bureau, where sits the leadership of the Duma (the speaker and Vice-speakers from all factions), you can be sure that on 1 April in mAthe NEC worked only the Vice-speaker Olga Epifanova (“CP”). The speaker Vyacheslav Volodin praised in the day of Vladimir Zhirinovsky for what he came into room with gloves and mask. Then from fraction of the Communist party noticed that the speaker of “the right example” do not feed and broadcasts from the Bureau without a mask. “My mask will not work with you to conduct a dialogue, what would you hear? BU-BU-BU!” – joked the speaker.

the Next plenary meeting took place on April 14. The epidemic gained momentum, the regime of self-isolation in the Metropolitan area increased. The Presidium of the number of “mirochnikov” has grown: in addition to Ms. yepifanova, an example of the Russians began to serve the first Vice-speaker Alexander Zhukov (he is now, as far as we can judge, almost all public events – in protection), the Vice-speaker Igor Lebedev and the Deputy speaker Aleksey Gordeyev (“ER”).

He Volodin, the other his first Deputy Ivan Melnikov (Communist party) and Deputy speaker Peter Tolstoy (“ER”) the mask still hadn’t worn. Although the distance between places at the podium much more than in the hall, but enough of it to provide a social distance of 1.5-2 meters?

Yes, let us note that from the beginning of April Deputy speaker Irina Spring (“ER”) in the conference room and the podium was not seen even once.

April 17 at the meeting the number of members in masks has increased significantly! The observers wondered: why? The reason became clear a few days later, when in hospital with coronavirus came one after another at once two deputies of the Communist party – the head of Committee on CIS Affairs, integration and interaction with sootechestvennikami Leonid Kalashnikov, the first Deputy head of the international Affairs Committee Dmitri Novikov. The first of them contracted the disease from the driver of the garage of the presidential Administration, which maintains the DePuy corps, too.

Drivers, by the way, a pain in the garage a few and quarantined because it had to sit more than one Deputy. On April 17, and Mr. Kalashnikov and Mr. Novikov to the hospital were not included. But the first of them were already in isolation. Anyway, their colleagues in the house that apparently acted. But the Presidium Vyacheslav Volodin and the first Deputy speaker Ivan Melnikov (Communist party) of the mask and not put!

And here is the first after a long break plenary session may 12. Over the past three weeks has become known about the disease yet one of the Deputy – Svetlana Maksimova (United Russia) was in the hospital in her native Tver region.

But on 12 may in the hall of the speaker of the state Duma – still without gloves and masks! Sitting next to first Vice-speaker Ivan Melnikov (CPRF) requirement fulfilled – as the other Deputy speakers. Sometimes coming to the podium deputies, even if the hall were in masks, they are removed.

Without the mask (but with gloves) spoke from the rostrum of the head of the Duma Committee on information policy, information��m technology and communications Alexander Khinshtein (United Russia). Without a mask and gloves spoke from the rostrum his fellow faction Dmitry Lameikin, and the Communist Valery Rashkin. But the head of the Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov (“CP”) and on the podium well reported, being equipped as it should be…

In General, everything in life – except on hunter’s row is not fine. And is that… the Apparatus of the state Duma by the decision of the Board of the chamber of 8 may requested to provide MPs protection. The rest of the Russians, in the mass, with much more modest compared to parliamentary income to exit to the street must provide themselves with masks and gloves for yourself.