In the U.S. Department of State positively that concluded in Vienna Russian-American consultations on security issues in space.

the state Department said that during the talks in the Austrian capital, the representatives of Russia and the United States discussed the existing and potential threats, and also prospects of further dialogue on these issues.

“We shared with the Russian side views on the existing and future threats in space, about the political course and strategy, and also touched on a forward-looking agenda in promoting safe, professional, sustainable activities in space, Both delegations expressed interest in continuing these discussions and establishing relations”, – stated in the message of the state Department.

the us Department of state cited as an example the improvement of communication between countries on space-related operational issues in order to reduce the risk of misunderstandings.

“the United States and Russia need to work together to prevent and resolve space-related incidents, prevent unintended escalation,” – said the American side.