“this year, and is the main distinguishing feature of the forum – it will be held simultaneously with the international Army games,” reads the statement of the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation army General Sergei Shoigu to the participants and guests of the forum.

“Army 2020” will open on Sunday 23 August a day of work behind closed doors. On this day tickets will not be sold. From 24 to 26 August will be days of working professionals. This company has implemented the main part of the activities of scientific and business program of the forum. 27-29 August doors of the forum will be open to the public.

to purchase tickets to the forum “Army 2020” is possible in pre-sale at a reduced price. So, until 21 August, the cost of a business ticket will be 1 200 rubles, and a ticket on the days of mass attendance of 400 rubles / day. After 21 August, the price of the ticket is 1 700 and 700 rubles respectively.

admission to the Forum, purchased on one of the days from 27 to 29 August, allows you to visit the Tank biathlon at the Alabino range.

the program of the Aviation cluster on the territory of the airfield “Kubinka” from 24 to 29 August you can get for free without a ticket. On the airfield will act as free Parking.

Tickets can be purchased on the official website of the forum.