Full speed ahead! Yesterday evening, the VIEW and the hotel plan organized cruise “Stars on the lake” started in bright sunshine and mild 20 degrees in Venice (I). more than a thousand blow fans checked in on the Costa Victoria, to sail with a lot of music and Gaudi through the Eastern Mediterranean. Six destinations are controlled, there are every day several concerts: Thomas Anders (56), DJ Ötzi (48), Florian Ast (44), Francine Jordi (42), homesickness, Maite Kelly (39) and Beatrice Egli (30) will rock for seven days, the stage of the giant boots.

Hot Jassrunde

A, the the all has in view, is the Swiss singer Linda Fäh (31). You will lead the whole time, as Good-mood-captain through the program, in-flight announcements and give concerts. “Even when you get Up, you see the vast blue sea. And all are in a good mood,” says the Ex-Miss Switzerland. She is accompanied for once by her husband Marco (36), but from your mommy Brigitte (66) and her sister Sina (27). “You have Packed a deck of cards Swiss -. There will be one or the other game!”

Beatrice Egli is a real cruise expert onboard – the Schwyzerin had with “Schlager and the sea” his own show on the high seas. And here she is a whole week with this: “What’s Better than working with such a trip,” she says. Consistent with the theme Egli, already at the time of Check-in in a captain Outfit. “For me, this is a matter of the heart. The exchange between the artists and the Fans here are particularly beautiful. Fear of contact, there is not.” Therefore, you will not try to hide in your room, but in between, also full, join the crowd. “Anyone who knows me, knows that I will leave it with the nightly theme parties like to crash,” says Egli, laughing.